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We believe the art of hosting a guest is truly an expression of refined hospitality. A journey to create a true heightened experience of taste, sight, feeling, sensation and memory.  

At SHIN’LABO, it is superbly enabled in an environment where space, design, aesthetic, contour, colour, light and technology lend intimacy, whilst facilitating privacy. 

Bringing together the elements of nature, metal, culture, fusion and texture, to create a seamless fluidity of structure, SHIN’LABO is a cuisine temple that perpetuates the balance of Umami – the essence of deliciousness” in Japanese. Its taste is often described as the meaty, savoury deliciousness that deepens flavour. And Amami, the sweet taste, that which counters Umami. 

Keeping sophisticated functionality in mind, cutting edge design meets the highest quality tableware from the House of Pinnifarina, Italy, in collaboration with James Won signature cutlery.  

A true embodiment of luxury emanating a style statement of nuance, detail and desire.  

Welcome to the SHIN’EXPERIENCE.

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Designed to evoke intimacy without crowding personal individuality, SHIN’LOUNGE creates access limited in its nature, yet desirable in its play for exclusivity. 

The Lounge seating capacity for 14 guests intends to create `a club’ for a group of friends drawn together by shared experiences, or, a rendezvous for the socially savvy. 

Lounge Entry is by Invitation Only, or, Strictly by Reservations, or, for diners looking for pre-dinner after work drinks, or, extending dinners plans with friends over drinks


We set the bar with trends that define our own standards of quality and not quantity, with our handpicked mixology talent and a beverage list that rivals the best in global Single Malts, Wines, Champagnes and Sake.


Indulge in our small bites akin to a modern take on luxury Kushiyaki. Guests can also sample our finest limited edition Caviar menu curated for a fine dine – a true curtain raiser of our committed attention to excellence.

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The meaning of `Kappou’ comes from traditional Japanese cooking methods: to cut, boil, stew and fry. A style of cooking born in Osaka, West Japan, which involves making dishes and cooking in front of the guests, intended to stimulate the five senses.

Our Kappou chef is trained to master numerous ways of cooking and to understand the seasonality of food, the quality of ingredients and the presentation.

Though one may be more familiar with the term ‘Kaiseki’ — a refined style of Japanese dining offering the most premium seasonal course menu of elaborately prepared dishes, served almost like art eloquently in a formal dining room – Kappou is a multi-course meal that is left entirely up to the chef in a less formal cuisine that emphasizes the proximity between the diner and the chef, who is cutting and cooking the food. 

At SHIN’LABO, Kappou lingers somewhere between the two, allowing guests to experience their own exploration of food, ingredients, presentation and quality that creates intimate moments.

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Exclusivity is a State of Mind

Welcome to the most prestigious dining room in the world – The KRUG CHEF’S TABLE also known as KRUG Ryoutei

For those seeking a more exclusive and intimate private dining experience, Krug Chef’s Table offers the perfect setting for special personal celebrations, private parties, corporate soirees, and business gatherings, with a new definition to exclusivity. The first and only one in Asia, as also one of the six Krug Chef’s Table that you can currently find in the world, our Krug Chef’s Table naturally becomes the perfect venue for larger groups seeking personalised services and a menu designed to celebrate local and global ingredients and produce.

Furnished with state-of-the-art Chef James’ Test Laboratory, the KRUG RYOUTEI comfortably sits up to 16 guests. This private dining room provides a spectacular privacy and personalisation away from the main dining room, allowing our guests to savour the exclusive contemporary menu curated by Chef James, and enveloped by the chic vibe and ambience while enjoying all the privacy they want. 

Did we also mention access to a very private list of limited-edition Krug Champagnes? Perfect opportunity to showcase your personal brand of hospitality, while we design the event to make you the star of your evening. Priority reservation will be given to SHIN’LABO’s Privileged Patrons.

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Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but Caviar Selection by Shin’Labo is desirable forever. 

Like timeless art, our selection of Caviar is painstakingly curated from the best and rarest Sturgeon inhabiting the waters of the Caspian Sea for centuries.  

Unmatched in Taste, Texture, Flavour, and Finesse, Caviar Selection by Shin’Labo is a one-of-its-kind experience designed to create a lingering memory for a lifetime.

Welcome to the house of infinite luxury, Maison du Caviar Caspienne

Your premier purveyor of pure breed sturgeon caviar farmed and selected directly from the heritage sites of the Caspian Sea. 

Caviar, also known as caviare from Persian, is the oldest delicacy of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Russian Tzars, and has been long associated with royalty and aristocracy by connoisseurs as a way of life. 

At Maison du Caviar Caspienne you get to taste Nature’s most priceless, and luxury’s most coveted caviar at SHIN’LABO’s luxe bar and Caviar Lounge, or, delivered to your own residence. 

From the highest quality Almas akin to the rarest diamonds, the celebrity must-have Royal Beluga, the connoisseur’s choice, Sevruga, and the millennial favourite, Baerii, our carefully selected collection of Caviar is highly regarded for its health benefits associated with the mineral content of the waters of the Caspian Sea. 

At Maison du Caviar Caspienne only the best of the best from each season is selected, irrespective of the sturgeon breed, so our patrons can enjoy the highest quality graded Caviar they can trust our brand to profess. 

Your indulgence of our Caviar is best accompanied with an enviable wine of equal royal standing. Or, pair it with your champagne and savour it with friends of heart, and allies in business. 

Luxury is the new address at Maison du Caviar Caspienne.

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Staying true to our ethos of fusion and quest for the highest quality experience at SHIN’LABO, our contemporary showcase of tea has been personally selected by Chef James Won. This meticulous selection ritual exemplifies moments of quiet luxury so as to embody a transcendental experience. 

Tea cultivated specifically for Matcha is primarily grown in two Japanese regions: Uji in Kyoto, and Nishio in the Aichi Prefecture. Shielding the plant from direct sunlight incites an overproduction of chlorophyll which contributes to Matcha’s distinctive bright green colour. Shading the plant also yields an increase in the amino acid theanine, leading the drink its deep umami flavour.

When the plants are ready for harvest, the leaves are hand-picked, steamed, dried, de-stemmed and de-veined. The pure leaves known as “tencha” at this stage are then expertly ground into a fine powder, traditionally at a stone mill, or, using mortar and pestle. 

A true Matcha experience is like appreciating fine art.

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Indulge in Chef James Won’s Omakase with Yamashita Gyokuro Tea

This exceptional tea of high quality embodies a traditional yet modern nuance of delicate luxury. Yamashita Gyokuro Tea is grown at the tea gardens surrounding the residence of Maiko Tea’s renowned legendary tea expert — Temomi Grand Master, Yamashita Toshikazu.

Conferred the “Master Craftsman of Kyoto” (Kyoto Prefecture) in 1989, the “Sixth-class Isao ‘Order of the Sacred Treasure’ by the Prime Minister of Japan (1995), and wining Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) First Prize for the Kansai region eleven times till date, Master Yamashita’s achievements have made his hometown of Kyotanabe renowned for the production of superior Gyokuro green tea.  

Selected as the perfect accompaniment by Chef James Won to compliment his contemporary interpretation of an exclusive Omakase experience, Yamashita Gyokuro Tea is Japan’s highest quality green tea. A condensed sweet taste with a characteristic ambrosial fragrance supports this extremely gentle flavoured tea. Leaving sweet memories of an unforgettable dining experience. The production of this expert tea is limited to a few kilograms a year since its processing is extremely tedious and time consuming, making it the perfect companion to Chef James Won’s Omakase experience.

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The popularity of Houjicha Asairi Tea is noticeably nutty and mesquite in taste. The roasting process of the tea leaves lowers the caffeine content of the leaves, thus making it an ideal low-caffeinate green tea choice. 

To make it a preferred summer drink, boil the leaves for 30 seconds and refrigerate, before adding some ice cubes. Makes for a delicious and amazingly refreshing summer beverage.

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Kyo Breakfast

A fine Japanese sencha with Uji Matcha. 

Harvested in late Spring in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, this tea has delightful notes of fresh grassy sencha intensified with hints of Matcha. Makes for a rich flavourful cup of tea. 

Earl Grey 

Classic Japanese Black Tea with Italian Bergamot.

Harvested in Summer in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, Black Tea, Bitter Orange peels combine a natural flavouring to this refreshing beverage. Light floral notes layered with bergamot fruit is a classic tribute to this well-loved Japanese Black Tea.

Ume Ume 

It’s Spring time Japanese Sencha with Ume and Cherry Blossoms.

Harvested late Spring in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, Green Tea, Pink Konpeito and Cherry Blossoms make up for the high notes in this rejuvenating brew, heralding fresh new beginnings. A natural companion to Green Tea and holistic well-being. 


Natural flavourings of Japanese Sencha with White Peach. 

Harvested in the blossoms of Spring in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, Green Tea, dried peach, Peach Blossoms create a wonderful soothing flavour enhanced with the soft sweet fragrance of white peach. A perfect way to relax and wind down. 

Koku Yuzu Kikicha

Harvested in late Spring in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, Green Tea, Yuzu peels and Heather Blossoms lend a distinct aroma and natural flavour of yuzu zest, adding punch to the medium-bodied tea consisting of stalks and stems of Sencha. Feel an aura of good health.

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Krug Champagne, should be discovered, understood and enjoyed as soon as you are ready to explore. 

Discover Krug Champagne at SHIN’LABO

Over 170 years ago, Joseph Krug broke with convention to follow his vision. To create the most generous expression of Champagne every year, regardless of climatic unpredictability. Joseph’s bold experiment proved a triumph and he succeeded in creating Champagne like never before. And like no other Champagne House since. To this day, the House of Krug lives and breathes his enduring philosophy, creating only prestige Champagnes since 1843.

Joseph Krug did not believe in hierarchies between his champagnes. He maintained that all Krug champagnes were all of the same undisputed quality, each illustrating a different expression of Nature. The only factor deciding value would be rarity. And so, it is today.

At SHIN’LABO we take great pride in our Chef Patron, James Won, Malaysia’s only Krug Ambassade, who is a core member of a celebrated network of unique Krug Global Ambassadors reflecting the spirit of the House of Krug. 

We invite our Guests and Clients to discover Krug and to experience its champagnes with enthusiasm and passion.


Did you know that when you buy a Krug Champagne from us, you also get to discover the story behind your unique bottle of Krug, thanks to its six-digit number on its back label. Download the Krug App and find out what seasonal challenges led to its unique creation, narrated by the Krug Cellar Master to reference your collection of Krug Champagne.

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